Red velour zip up onesie from the 70s or 80s.
Maybe originality intended for jogging or some such. I use it as a pajama coverup on cool nights and mornings. The elastic waistband is actually comfortable, and not at all itchy or restrictive
Fully covered down to the ankles.
Jaunty selections worn for just staying at home can provide impetus for impromptu fun, such as a living room dance party.  No makeup required

The electrical cords short out, the sidewalks crack, the roads buckle, the bridges rust, the buildings accumulate filth.  Man made things only grow progressively crummier, breaking down into worthlessness.  Maybe buried or submerged, the inanimate bulk remains lastingly intact to mark our folly for centuries.

The living greens and flesh reds of the growing world decay, breaking down to feed new growth.  The lasting breath evidence of clear need.

Worthlessness.  Worthy.  The assignations should be clear.  And yet, everywhere, acreage for sale, and last gasps reign.



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