Pattern mixing is unfailingly satisfying, and easy to do when staying within a complementary color palette.  Art Deco style vintage earrings procured just today for $2.  It is well worth remembering to check on small items when thrifting.
Polka dot dress beneath an unbuttoned, tied plaid. Dansko clogs and slightly visible disco purse both from St. Vincent de Paul’s. The clothing was from a church giveaway that is one of the highlights of my year.

Though expedience and the habituated norm typically ensure my use of this cruddy, cracked smartphone faux keyboard for a significant portion of my writing, I am also a devotee of notebook writing.  Because I tend to require considerable amounts of the handwritten from my students, I decided to address the use of pen and paper in the cover letter I am currently drafting, using equal parts notebook and phone (MacBook laptop is so elderly as to be entirely incapable of understanding the basics of life beyond 2012 or so and is therefore defunct).

So, regarding the handwritten:

Initially, my loyalty to the handwritten was inspired by the formative years I spent penning the observations and epiphanies made while sitting in those occasional patches of woods to be found in urban places. I value the immediacy of the written as it can occur without the loaded infrastructure of technology behind it. The sense that there is communion between the living world and the responsive soul enters the realm of the inexplicable. That to me is a highly motivating reason to attempt its expression. These admittedly idealistic underpinnings elevate the handwritten as the most readily available means of recording the creative connection; marking out the highly individual movements of the animating principle, while acquiescing to the enshrinement of the written above the spoken.

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