call of the sprawl

A rare new dress purchase, as in from the thrift store but with tags attached (in Japanese I think), and probably produced within the past five years. The shoulder cut leans more toward trend than I’m accustomed to donning , but the color quite appealed.
This black leather belt is ever adapted and useful.
Saddle style shoes and navy blue tights. The dress has a relaxed blousing cut that is just right for daytime with a slight 1940s hairstyle.
The shoes are comfortable, even on playground wood chips.

Cars in charge of wasted lands, expanses bereft save the flesh of human lives consumed.

On foot I traverse strip/mauled locales, packed and surreally devoid.  Bumper to bumper wall to wall, no space for a bug to crawl.

Fellow faces framed in glass the last contour.  Our intricate eyes were meant for more.

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