Silk blouse with a print in the style of a pen and ink drawing.  The scenes seem to evoke a mannered era of petticoats and chivalry.  Thankfully, the fabled whimsy of the era is represented without the attendant trouble of constriction and fakery.  The megis shell earrings have a natural slight pink blush that subtly carries through the rich pink of the fabric.
Untucked with a skirt frequently worn because ever comfortable and easy to wear

I am a fan of signing petitions. Their implicit collectivism can help invigorate our awareness of shared principles, ideally supporting purposeful actions steeped in egalitarian reckonings of our widely shared best interests.

I added a little comment to a petition I recently supported, the aim of which is to ban fracking oil tainted wastewater from being sold on the cheap as irrigation for food crops.  As is perhaps made clear by the contents of my comment, I think it’s important for us all to speak up from a place of individual selfhood, in orderto better underscore how we as regular, everyday people are the ones who are the most impacted when plutocratic dealings go unregulated.

My petition comment:

It’s well past time for the self-appointed masters of the petroleum universe to stop being so gross.

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