Hands off

One of those somewhat outlandish dresses from the 80s that dare to be tried on. Surprise! It fits perfectly, the dropped waist conjures a bit of a 20s silhouette, and the cream fabric is replete with fun details.
I cut off the sleeves and left the rough, fraying edge. Along with a tough expression, the dress is prohibited from reading as too too precious. Still, the unapologetic elegance of a knotted necklace loomed from iridescent white seeds beads acquiesces to the baseline fancy intentions of the frock.
The large pleat and floral motif provide interest to the cream color scheme.

In order to lastingly and meaningfully take our destiny back into our collective hands, We the People will each need to decisively disconnect from these screens.  Equal parts gradual and cold turkey, consciously  looking up and away from a phone for a set amount of time will allow us to fill our eyes and ears with the living parts of our surroundings.  That may lead to the deeply felt sense of caring necessary to align our actions in the spirit of humble good will.

The Creation is a big deal across all religions and spiritual traditions.  The life established prior to human arrival on the scene does not require us.  Creation is the optimum.  Our only task is to learn the deep lessons ensconced in those life forces, and prove we have the humility and resolve not to destroy the bounty.

First, we need to appreciate the little that remains, and then we must act to assist in the recovery.  Short hand:  put down the phones so time and hands can be freed up to plant and clean and restore the life-giving green of Creation.  At this point, it seems the only option for survival.

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