This vintage cotton shirt in white with pin tucked, tiny pleating happily pairs with cut off jean shorts. Then again, doesn’t everything?  Shirt was an amazing 50cents at a beloved church rummage sale.  Shorts are so old as to essentially entered the cost-per-wear free zone.
Pompadour by day, curled hair by later this evening. The rhinestone hoops are from an aforementioned (“urging” blog post) estate sale, also only one dollar. Ladylike collars call for full buttoning.

In my experience, what really makes teaching an awful occupation is the messy matter of grading.  I hope to never never not ever again assign POINTS to any single piece of writing, ever again.  Did I mention, not ever?  The built-in animosity is soul crushing, and so very far removed from my envisioned, intended ideal of interpersonals.

I am, however, quite fond of critical thinking, the disciplined development of ideas, and an invested exploration of founding principles and purpose.  When teaching focuses on encouraging all of the above, it is incredibly satisfying , enriching, exciting, positive etc.

Just, please, I implore any ultimate author of my particular destiny, make it so I never again need hear anyone fuss at me about a rubric and its attendant break-down of points, ever again.

The fact of the matter is, the only point that ultimately matters is the cogency of the one YOU are being tasked to make, dear students of the world.

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