A day of ease:  jersey knit, back-yoked tank top paired with a long satin skirt. Both in black = passably stylish.
The gold hoops actually are quite elegant, procured from a charity estate sale for only one dollar! The people heading the sale were so very kind and generous. Their grandmother, the owner of a singularly impressive collection of costume jewelry gathered over a lifetime, had requested her belongings be sold to benefit the Humane Society. I’m sincerely honored to carry a piece of her aesthetic.

At the urging of one of the many activist organizations that populate my inbox, I sent the following missive to my Congressional Representatives, urging them to support the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energies, like, NOW.  A bit informal, granted, but I’m speaking as just an ordinary citizen – a role that ought implicitly garner the highest esteem in a functioning Democracy.


Dear Senator,

Looking for a path forward, that would alleviate the pain of the economically impoverished and insecure? Seeking actions and projects that could revive America’s reputation as the “city on the hill”? Wondering what needs to happen for We the People to trust that the Constitution is respected, and provides the true foundation of Democracy in the best interests of the entire population?
Answer: stop allowing poison for the sake of profit. Support all efforts to reverse the catastrophe of Big Oil, Big Chem “economies,” and focus on the work we can all accomplish, all hands on, to help heal the wounds of our only earth.

Business as usual is a death-dealing proposition.




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