A rose motif with plenty of black proves highly versatile, as a classic print with a bit of edge.
The black silk skirt sits high, at the smallest point of the waist, nicely balancing out the volume
Black tights and converse lend an unimpeachably casual air suitable for wandering my somewhat dingy neighborhood.

The economic conversation, as relates to everyday people, places an overwhelming focus on JOBS.  As an ordinary person surrounded by regular people, I propose we assert the dignity of WORK.  What work can we accomplish, all hands on, actually improving our everyday existence and quality of life?  If we consider that to be the important question, the answering of which can inspire creative visions of work that is meaningful and matters, perhaps we can regain our fabled independent American spirit.  Whereas the focus on having a “job”supports the continuation of the mass production that requires us only as cogs in the wheel (until such time as automation replaces us) who purchase the plastic-packaged items in a sea of concrete, doing “work” can open us to renewed agency.

Suppose we all work to secure the continuation of our future generations, by working to restore the waterways and add green spaces and rehabilitate our infrastructure in such a way that gives us a path toward an improved situation for all of us, as the People, who value peace and health.

What would it take, to figure it out for ourselves, and pledge to work for the transformation we need?  Enough of a burning world – suppose we worked to cleanse and heal the original wounds inflicted on this land, when the forests were devastated, along with the indigenous people who spoke out of love for all of the attendant life forms.



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