It would truly seem that a long sleeved striped shirt makes any outfit work. As always, an eclectic mix of casual and formal offer satisfying results.  The shirt is probably old enough to be from the actual 90s grunge era.
The skirt is from one of those thrift store sets, wherein the top might be hideous but the simplicity of the ball gown style skirt offers infinite possibilities.
A silver hued, embossed leather belt contributes to the joys of dressing for autumnal weather.

I try to make a point of looking people in the eye and giving a smile or a nod.  Relieved that here in Lansing, MI my overtures are most commonly responded to in kind.  It is a decidedly diverse city, and I more often than not see all walks of life represented in the places and events I attend.  If there has been a change since Dumpster ascended, it’s that when the pleasant exchange is initiated, I often sense feelings of relief and gratitude from elderly white folks. Like, they no longer expect a brown woman to feel kindness of comfort towards them, and are happily surprised when it happens.  Perhaps I’m just reading into things too much, but I don’t really think so, being that I tend to pick up on psychic frequencies.  It makes me sad, though, to witness the trembling of this country’s most necessary foundation: love and camaraderie for our fellow country/wo/men.

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