Vintage purple dress with side buttons. I used a thick black belt instead of the thin purple one It came with, for a slight update.
A better look at the buttons, and the subtle pattern created by machine embroidery in thread of the same color. It think it is from the 70s.


I read an article about how smartphone use in the current teenaged generation looks to be resulting in increased loneliness, with a likely looming mental health crisis on a large scale.  My particular internet siren call is the daily news, which I have successfully cut back by about 75% in recent weeks and still entertain thoughts of giving up cold turkey. But that is different from social media, which seems ironically the form that most contributed to young people spending less and less time socializing face to face.

Perhaps it is the specter of all those possible millions that could one day bestow fame.  When it does not happen day after day, that could be interpreted as proof that no one really cares.  The lack of close human contact, which could ostensibly reassure one of their worth by means of focused, empathic eye contact and reassuring touch, instead leaves the mind free to focus on a narrative of self-loathing mediocrity.

More unfortunately: this technology is addictive.  Any recovery will require a great deal of determination and support.  Alas, many parents feel that it is better for their teen to be home on the phone, instead of out somewhere getting into trouble.  But the trouble in already in hand, and seemingly insidious.

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