An easy black dress in a lightweight fabric, paired with sunglasses provide for a failsafe summer look.
Closer view is f the small gold feather necklace. Delicate chains are a good way to avoid feeling overheated.
The dress has an open lower back, for increased interest and aesthetic appeal.


I have mostly given up on the procurement of an academic position.  Though I do manage the occasional adjunct gig, the enviable status of a tenured professor is, admittedly and alas, outside the realm of reality for one such as I.  Meaning, not having pursued publication with a focused vengeance.   Meaning, no internships or postgraduate positions to fancy up my CV, meaning, long stretches of not working for a paycheck at all.

What do I have to offer?  Healthy children, a continuing proclivity to art and performance, a tremendous ability to live in aesthetically pleasing semi-extreme frugality, experienced gardening, fine cooking of vegetables. Perhaps it is this versatility outside the intellectual that will at long last establish me in the ranks of the reliably employed.   Suited to begin paying off my student debts at last.  I am a scholar of several somethings.

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