A vest with no undershirt, paired with pearls, translates to appropriate in my head
The white shorts are replete with 80s detailing, including front pleats. I’d been perusing one of my Lady Di fashion books, and wanted to wear something relatively grown up looking

I called in to the fed loan people to AGAIN request forbearance on my student loans.  As an adjunct instructor, the likelihood of an ongoing lack of a paycheck is unavoidable, as this summer examples.  No classes offered for me to teach, no income, no repayment.  My borrowed amount is now doubled in terms of what I now owe, per the unstoppable march of accrued interest.

Not the ideal, and admittedly not that interesting.  What room for insight in such a situation?  Well, I do realize I am in very good company, in that so very many of my fellow Americans are also weighed down by the debt created via the intent to better oneself through education.  Alas, rather than security and opportunity, we emerge with a degree in hand that is negligible in usefulness, but absolutely stellar in undermining any hopes of home-buying, saving, or any other trappings of the modest American dream to which we’d subscribed.


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