A long sleeved cotton button down in a light color, cuted-up by the small floral print and ruffled bodice, is a favorite choice for days spent in rustic places. Along with the jeans, the shirt protects from sun, insects, and scratches all the while proving that fashion consciousness can be wholly sensible.

Not for the first time, and I can only maintain vigilance to make it nearly if not the very last time, I reached a point of shame and alarm having honestly assessed my smartphone usage.

Yesterday I’d woken up and after checking the weather, didn’t wisely set the phone down but instead proceeded to read the disturbing news of the world and thus became fraught over the nuclear weapon games surrounding the North Korea situation, almost first thing in the morning.

And such a beautiful morning!  Sunshine and a sweet breeze, the laughing conversation between  my happy children, both waiting for my eyes and attention and guidance into the interests and comforts of the day.

But the news was so upsetting, I ended up scrolling and linking and researching and reading reading reading from my phone until my hands were tingling and my spirit was leaden.

I think I was looking to find some indication that everything could still be okay.  But such comfort is unlikely to be found on a phone.  Technology, as it has been suggested by many before me, ought not  be counted upon to save us.

So again I make a pledge, to use this device less and less.  To focus instead upon the life of the senses,  and look into human eyes, and closely consider the unending intricacy of this living world.

It may be that the best way to find reassurance is to cultivate all the good that one is able to.   To give hours to the real, and a scant 20 minutes or so to answer the siren call of these electronic links.   What good is being internetted together, if we lack our most basic connections?

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