A loose, draped black dress is easily invigorated by glamorous accessories. Abstract enamel clasp on elastic belt: procured at a $2bag sale at a German Hall. The earrings are red rhinestone, in a hoop and ball design, definitely vintage and only $1 from an impossible-to-describe-accurately local business that specializes in handmade aprons.
These type of belts were popular in the 70s and 80s.  Definitely good things to scoop up when available; the eminently adjustable sizing is most satisfying.
A closer look at the earring design.
Ready for a walk to nowhere in particular.  Without the accessories, I would not be asked what the special occasion is: but what fun is that?

I am not a patron of the self checkout line at the giant grocery store.  I am unfailingly grateful that the human cashier option still remains.  Leaving the house at any time can be considered an opportunity for polite interaction, perhaps even conversation, ideally a few jokes exchanged.  By “joke” I mean anything said or done which elicits a laugh.

Unemployed as I am, the courting of strangers is perhaps my most pressing engagement with the world at large.  If I can win over the largest cross-section of people possible, through friendly nod or witty observation or encouraging question, the reward is a sense of something a bit tricky to pin down definitively.  Allies?  Countrymen?  Okay humans?

Dressing up nearly everyday is a bit equivalent to bait.  If someone likes some part of the ensemble, well then I have them!  Any manner of storied explanation could follow, to which a laugh or recollection might add.  Though I am rarely dressed appropriately to the quotidian occasion, I am absolutely attired in alignment with my devotion to the Fool.  A tarot card I’d be happy to discuss.

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