A prim style, royal blue blousen pleated shirt with dropped cummerbund waist. Contrasting thread sheens create the floral motif on fabric typical of dressy daywear from the polyester golden age. Well maintained and only 50cents, procured at a particularly exciting church sale.
Taking a walk in the woods doesn’t actually require “active wear”. Striped pencil skirt made from a comfortable, stretchy fabric. Long sleeves of any sort protect from insects.  AllStars, of course, suit almost any occasion.
A clearer view of the fabric color and details.


My mind is often far removed in a mess of thoughts whirling with regret and worry and maybe and why.

How to remain present to the immediate moment and all the lives contained therein?  It may be that the lives around us need to be allowed their full importance, to ensure that we care enough about the people and the places to truly take note and soak in the wonder, welcoming the gratitude which begets joy.

A look that truly sees into the shine of eyes made shinier still by the pleasure of seeing love felt in the heart.

Filling hearts: the antidote for the distractions of mind wrought  by dark worries.  I increasingly look to cultivate a stubborn dedication to seek out the positive, and approach all with disciplined good will.  Look into eyes and find the smile.  With family, among strangers, by the self in a life giving world.

It is amazing we are still here together to hear the birds and smell the breeze.  It’d be good for us to act accordingly.


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