Rhinestone detailing and sleek fabric interact with the utilitarian cut of this designer shirt – a Stella McCartney creation that I was fortunate to find at a local church’s yearly clothing giveaway. Yes, free!
Cutoff jeans, well aged
I was pleasantly surprised by the open back, an unexpected and lively aspect of the design
Full view, prior to shoes being needed or chosen for the day. Overall a relaxed ensemble

What is so very wrenching about the experience of regret perhaps is the entrenched fissures that take up residence in the psyche.  Deep  regret felt then further entertained invites emotional sense memory.  The sickening feel is familiar, and ready to situate any disappointment. A bit like scar tissue, the discomfort of which is the unexpected blend of numbness with the intensity of nerves upset.  I find myself diving deep into a sense of regret at the smallest provocation: often out  of proportion to the disappointment, but neatly aligned with the previous experience of the excruciating.

An obvious error.

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