A bird motif shirt tied to show the cut-outs on the waistline of a long black skirt. Balance is key when exposing skin, particularly at the mid-drift, and particularly when no longer any where near being a teenager

I have certainly neglected the “of the Day” aspect of this, my secret website. It really does cross my mind, especially since many fun outfits have come and gone over the course of my many remiss days of non-posting.  The issue, if I dig a bit into my thoughts, may be a matter of depression driven by this my 5th year of under/unemployment since garnering my PhD.

It is easy enough to think “what’s the point?” on the daily, per our country’s current decent into seemingly unrecallable plutocracy.  That defeatist sentiment can only be strengthened by an empty bank account that may be directly linked to a seemingly useless degree, the earning of which screams out what was the point???  Aside from a now doubled-through-accrued-interest student loan, that is.  The point being, how is one to attend to the fun of chronicling clothing, when living out the drudgery of entrenched regret?   Were I to have skipped academia and just gone to work at a clothing store, I’d perhaps be an owner of a marvelous boutique by now.  Rather than a living example of the statistic:  born poor, stay poor.

So, the insight in all of this is admittedly far from original, yet perhaps of use to articulate  nevertheless.  I am painfully aware: despair all too often drains one of the creative urge.  While there have indeed been myriad masterpieces created by artists driven by that which haunts, it would seem that for the everyday variety of persons artistically inclined such as myself, the low energies beget by a sad situation result in a decided lack of motivation to do much that might be counted as fun or lively.

Mostly I’ve just been reading the news or watching Great British Baking, passing the days by with nary a creative urge, let alone action.  In this, I do have a whiff of the positive: I am almost certain that I am not alone, spanning the days in the spirit of a big sigh and a deflated shrug.


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