On a day I’d rather stay In pajamas, well-worn layers in mixed textiles allow for maximum comfort without completely leaving style behind.
The gold heels are completely comfortable after years of wear, yet give the illusion of fashion-first sensibilities.

There is a sense of expectation among the regular people of the world: that “someone” will come along and offer the leadership able to remedy our multiple levels of ailing civil society.  Which perhaps translates into the hope that everyday people will actually feel empowered by a baseline sense of commonality.  That there are shared interests somehow able to transcend factionalism.  I think there are…  capacity to love the land, acknowledgement of mutual dependence/interdependence, sense of justice and fairness in relation to future generations.  Being aware that idealism is not isolationist thinking, but exists alongside far-reaching empathy – the willingness to identify with strangers as fellows.

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