A vintage large-pleated shirt in baby blue procured from a church sale for 50 cents. Elastic belt with metalwork clasp cinches in the black velvet pencil skirt. The skirt is a bit large in the waistline, so I pulled it up high and used the belt to make a high-waisted, slight “paper bag” effect
Dark blue suede combat style boots add some gravity to balance out the preciousness of the dark blue ribbon bow
A slight wave in the hair, messy enough to support smudgy, darker eye makeup

Tribal peoples. All free American citizens, in every state. Adults, children and elders. We are the majority presence: those who occupy and inherit our commons; equally dependent on the water and the land. Demand our right to quality natural resources, as the majority inhabitants of country and communities.
Show up, show real will. Gather as people in actual places. Resist the distractions of print: focus on the people in the room, in neighborhoods, and in local communities. Use technology as a tool to advance the hands-on work of food, water, and land security.

Stand for water rights at all the places where oil is a threat to our common interest. In every state in this country, we can gather the drums to help gather the people.
Together, We the People of the United States can claim our right to “Government by the People,” and meet our obligation to “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.”
Anti-establishment Voters: Declare liberty from billionaires. Our taxation should fund self-representation.
Non-Voters: Demand real choice:  profits that poison people vs. visionary validation of a unified call for freedom from exploitation of lands and peoples.

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