Mid-calf length green leather skirt from the 80s, well-aged tiny teeshirt, with the usual sun shading gear.
A bit odd that the child-size shirt reads “sexy beast world tour. Giant sunglasses with light tint, purchased at neighborhood beauty supply store for 5$

There is a prophecy of a black snake that comes and devours all nations.  Tribal people increasingly believe that black snake to be the oil pipelines so many are compelled to resist as dangerous. There is a prophecy that at this time of the black snake there is a clear choice to be made, concerning what path we will take. One is wide, but scorched and burned with no life. The other is perhaps not so easy to start upon, but it is green and living and lasting.

It is our responsibility as citizens to assure that no powerful forces deny us our rights held in common: to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That is what brings us together, as tribal nations with our prayers and drums, and as the full diversity of peoples that compose America. We are united by our capacity to understand these Blessings and love this land. We are the People, the People of this place, the people of a Democratic nation that is designed to entrust us as the primary guardians of Liberty.


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