Already changed from outfit of the day. Black silk/cotton blend pajama set with light pink piping reminiscent of men’s loungewear.

The 7 grandfathers teaching of dbaadendiziwin, humility, reminds us that the intentions behind our actions should be selfless. One way to learn and practice this lesson is to remember the needs of those generations coming before and after us.
Adherence to traditional teachings rests on our conviction of the real, insoluble connection between the worlds of body and spirit. Death and burial rituals are perhaps the most profound way we have to acknowledge and strengthen this connection between body and spirit, and that link between the living and those ancestors from before and still to come.

Natural, traditional Burial methods allow our bodies to return to the soils that sustained us, completing the circle of life and providing comfort to those who remain. Leaving a physical legacy that helps nourish the plants and animals of the land also helps the living recognize and remember the spiritual legacy that is manifest in the cycle of life and death.

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