An array of 80s detailing on a cobalt blue dress, contrasting pink elastic belt with butterfly clasp
Close up of pompadour, good for a bit of irreverent formality

This earth does not negotiate. But she can nourish and heal. All the living gather; decide to survive.

The moral/political task at hand:

•Merge the imperative of addressing climate change with the need to generate reliable, meaningful work for the 99% .

To do list for all concerned:

•Advance an inspirational yet practical vision of a widespread, refurbished infrastructure that prioritizes the replacement of the fossil fuel economy that is so beholden to the special interests of the 1%.

•Concentrate on innovations in transportation, civil engineering, local market sustainable agriculture, and energy manufacture that demonstrably advance water security.

•Focus training and employment growth on securing the commons.

•Cultivate the unity implicit to our shared reliance on natural resources.

•Advocate for the irreplaceable security factor of reliable air and water quality.

•Look to indigenous people and the many groups and individuals who are focused on stewardship and biodiversity for guidance.

•Realize that natural law is inclusive by default; highlighting our shared fate and common interests.

•Expose and reject the games of the 1% who rely on poisoning and exploiting lands and people.

The liberty of self-sufficiency is achieved through the land.

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