Elephant print skirt from way back I don’t remember where, perhaps a yard sale, and puff-sleeve cotton shirt tied up to alter the unfortunate empire style non-waistline.

This is not me recording my thoughts because I have been asked to, while seated before a breezy window from which I gaze upon the green vista to ponder best words, creativity unfettered by payments received in advance and for perpetuity.

That planned validation has not materialized. Envisioned results only exist in daydream form.

I haven’t any ready access to vistas, though the neighborhood does maintain a positive ratio of fading tulips to snagged up trash. I haven’t been asked to address any of the solutions populating my headspace.  I am equipped only with the virtual keyboard of a smartphone that requires multiple pressings of letters held hostage under a cracked screen that is nevertheless still smooth in the spaces of inaccurate suggestions ripe to autocorrect.

Ever in the spirit of camaraderie.

Somewhere either in the basement or attic or maybe the garage I have the large envelope that declares me a Doctor of Philosophy.  Though it didn’t make it into a frame, I do appreciate this final English degree being printed on larger paper than my ostensibly lesser English degrees.  The calligraphy could show discernible difference in terms of ink quality and ornamentation.  But I haven’t really looked.

Though my plans for a substantive life of meaningful actions inspired by searching insights neglect to materialize,  I can consistently dress well over the course of decades of thrift store mastery.

So here a perhaps unread account of my most beneficent and earnest reckonings of life, as I seek insights worthy of this beautiful world populated by potential allies of our shared creation.  I include that day’s wardrobe selection. Because if it turns out that my ultimate purpose is to perfect the comparably superficial arena of my thrift fashion aesthetic, it would be nice for a document of those goodwill efforts to exist.

So I offer my Insight/Outfit of the Day.

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